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What Gets Measured Gets Done

“What gets measured, gets done “ I’ve come across this phrase several times recently and I’m experiencing it’s truth for myself. In my bid to keep ontrack with my healthcare habits I have been experimenting with different tracking methods and have been seen the benefits of measuring first hand. We’ve all come across different systems…

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Taking Care of ME!

This is exactly what I’ve been doing recently. Mainly in the form of learning which has then led to me taking action! I’ve certainly realised that I need to look after number one so that I can be in the best position to look after and help others. It’s something I’ve been telling my clients…

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Friday 30th August – Review Time

Time to review the next section in my 2019 Self. Family and friends Social Enjoyable Laughter Frequent This has gone really well. We’ve continued to keep up with friends and family in a variety of ways and those we haven’t been able to see we’ve been trying to arrange something. We even booked a week…

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When and Where to Work

This week has been a strange one so far. The Bank Holiday threw me a double whammy. First I was expecting to work, as Mike was, but his job was cancelled on Sunday evening so we made the most of an unexpected day together. Then there was the usual…’what day is it effect’ that had…

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Tuesday 27th August

The review continues, albeit slowly. I was expecting to be working Bank Holiday but Mike was unexpectedly home so I was able to enjoy spending the day with him. I’ve been concentrating recently on taking the opportunity to make the most of the time I get with Mike, friends and family. Whatever goals I may…

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Tuesday 20th August

The review continues. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post you may need to go back and read it to make sense of this. DEVELOPMENT: Self – Wow this encompasses so much. A large part of this is the reflection that happens as I write these posts but, if I’m really honest with myself, there is…

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Monday 19th August

Well I’m back! A weeks holiday camping in the Peak District has meant not a lot of access to the internet so I’ve taken a proper break. Well it wasn’t quite a full week as rain rather spoilt the fun and when the tent developed a leak or two we decided to come home a…

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Where on Earth is time going? I’ve no idea, it seems that writing twice a week is a little more often than I can manage but that’s no good. I want to share more and I want to try and explain what’s going on as part of my development. Today I’ve been looking all the…

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Update Time

As I’ve been writing in its and starts I’ve been wondering if I’ve actually been meeting my objectives in these posts. It’s felt as though I may not have been including as much detail as I’d planned to and I may not have been quite as honest as I’d intended about my progress. As a…

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Wheel of Life

One of the first tools that any life coach will come across is the wheel of life. It’s a great way of getting a snapshot of what your world is looking like at any point in time. I’ve been using it a lot recently and it’s been helping me to get clear on where my…

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