Waste Less, Enjoy More

If life doesn't feel as joyous as you'd like it to right now, the chances are you are wasting time and energy on an area of your life that really isn't important to you.

Are you spending time doing things that have become a habit, using energy on a job that doesn't fulfill you? Perhaps you are doing all those things that people tell you should be important to you; dieting, going to the gym, saving for the big house or sports car.

It's time to stop the hamster wheel and work out what YOU really want to be enjoying and then how to make it happen. Why waste time on someone else's dream life when you could be living your own?

Clare Wildman Life Coach in Milton keynes

What will coaching mean for you?

I'll help you sift through all the information to work out what's right for you and then support you as you take action.

My belief is that you are a unique combination of skills, emotions, values, learning and so much more.  We'll look at the complete you and identify the dreams and goals that make you feel alive and then we'll find the techniques that will work for you going forward.


What coaching with me will be like.

You have your own answers.  At the moment they are just buried under a heap of should do's and could do's.

Working with me you'll uncover the true you, the way that you want to be, the things you want to do and have.

You'll be supported on this journey of exploration and your beliefs will be challenged if they aren't serving you.  You'll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, try new approaches to life and will stretch to achieve the things you thought beyond your reach.

Most importantly, we'll celebrate every win, every change and every step taken.

Benefits of being coached

  • You are listened to
  • Your thinking is challenged
  • You are supported
  • You are encouraged
  • Your beliefs are challenged
  • You are accepted for being you
  • You have someone on your side
  • You have your own cheerleader

Your personal coaching options:

Introduction to Coaching

Introduction to Coaching sessions are available at £10 for two hours.  These sessions are available to anyone who has not worked with me before and give us time to get to know each other and find out whether or not we work well together.

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Personal Workshops

The Introduction to... series is a way of making workshops available to you on a one to one basis.  The added advantage of this is that you can book them for a date and time that works for you.  Priced at £10 for two hours you also gain the usual price advantage that you normally get by 'sharing the cost' with others.

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My latest chat articles

When I'm writing I like to think that I'm chatting with you.  My blog takes this approach as does my newsletter.

Each written chat is designed to introduce you to a new concept, share with you some new approach that I have come across but above all to help you and get you thinking...