Life Coach for you

You want to make the most of your life from this day forward.

Whether in person, by phone, video conferencing or event through email based programs, having your own life coach can really help to support you.

I'd like to see if I'm the right coach to help you make your life the best it can be.  If you are ready to take the first step simply book your discounted Introduction Session with me using the button below.

Clare Wildman Life Coach in Milton keynes

What can working me as your life coach mean?

Coaching styles can differ greatly so you need to find the right coach for you. This may change depending on your needs at any given time. The first time you experience coaching with me there will be no charge, this will be my gift to you. We’ll use this session to find out if we are a good fit and neither of us will be under any obligation to continue to work together if it isn't.

My approach to coaching

My coaching is about making sure that you find out what you really want and then supporting you to achieve it. You make all the decisions and take all the action (it’s your change after all and you’ll benefit more in the long term if you own it). When you talk things through with me I’ll not be telling you that it didn’t work for me, I’ll not be thinking about what impact that will have on my life and I’ll not be pouring cold water on your dreams. Instead I’ll be helping you to decide if it’s really right, to realise just how possible it may be for you and what you will need to do to make it happen.

Benefits of being coached

  • You are listened to
  • Your thinking is challenged
  • You are supported
  • You are encouraged
  • Your beliefs are challenged
  • You are accepted for being you
  • You have someone on your side

The coaching options I offer:

Personal Coaching

Your personal coaching sessions work around what you want to achieve and exploring how you can do that.  Availability varies depending on the day but includes 8am starts, evening sessions and some weekends.

I’d like for you to be able to experience coaching for yourself to see if it is the support you are looking for so I have already paid the first £80 towards your Introduction Session.

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Online Coaching

You can always review your life, you don’t have to wait for January!

You don't have to have one to one discussions either.  Online coaching programs give you the opportunity to work at a time that suits you best and in a way that works for you.

Regular emails provide you with information, tips and tools that you can then apply to make the changes that you'd like to make.

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My latest chat articles

When I'm writing I like to think that I'm chatting with you.  My blog takes this approach as does my newsletter.

Each written chat is designed to introduce you to a new concept, share with you some new approach that I have come across but above all to help you and get you thinking...