Who am I?

“Who am I?” can feel like a really big and scary question to ask can’t it?  Yet having a sense of self can help us to steer our way in life.  I was reading about this recently in the magazine Calm and Clear.

The article quotes psychotherapist Noel McDermott as saying “We can think of it as the rudder on our boat that helps us to avoid rocks so that the boat doesn’t get smashed.” It then goes on to say “Our identity ebbs and flows depending on who you are surrounded by and what is happening in your life. ‘Being comfortable with that change is essential – it is healthy that your self of sense is dynamic.’  I’m quoting that as printed but I’d guess that should actually read as ‘it is healthy that your sense of self is dynamic’.

A changing sense of self

I’ve talked before about being comfortable with change but being comfortable with the fact that your sense of self may change….that’s a whole new level isn’t it?  Yet I’m sure most of us can agree that yes we do change with circumstances or the people around us.  Being aware of this gives us a chance to think a little more proactively about what situations we’d like to get into, or avoid, and the same goes for the people in our life.  How would we like to change and what can we do to help that happen and conversely how don’t we want to change and what steps do we need to take to ensure that.

Who am I

“Who am I?” Is an incredibly in depth topic and I’m not going to go into it in great depth right now but instead just raise the question for you to think about.  I just want to sow the seed. I may well come back to it later or you may want to check out the Calm and Clear article. (You can see it on Readly with a free 6 week subscription using this link)

This is an aspect of life that I love working on with clients.  For many, being able to accept who they are is an empowering step.  It frees them when they can embrace their strengths and acknowledge areas that they are not so good at.  When they can take who they are right now and then make the choices about the person that they want to be going forward. When they see that it is indeed something that changes and can be changed depending on the choices that they make. That they are free to make the choices and decide on the direction.

Who am I?

If this is a question you’d like help answering I’d love to help you to both explore what the answer is right now and what you would like it to be in the future. Book a 2 hour Introductory Session at just £5 to start the process.

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