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Self-care Sunday

By Clare Wildman / 29th January 2020 /

I’m really looking forward to running the Self-care Sunday morning session. It’s odd to think that many of the people who may identify a need to come will be those who struggle to make time…..I get it. If that’s you drop me a line as I want to keep working with people in this area…

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Make Your Dream Come True Day

By Clare Wildman / 11th January 2019 /

Did you know that January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day?  Well it is according to a calendar I found online and that’s good enough for me!  Actually as far as I’m concerned that should be the case every day but maybe that’s a little unrealistic for some.  The Goal Watchers group is…

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Searching for my purpose – Lewis Hamilton

By Clare Wildman / 29th October 2018 /

Sunday 28th October 2018 and F1 fans across the world watched Lewis Hamilton become a 5 times World Champion.  It’s quite an achievement and at times this year it really wasn’t looking at all certain.  I’ve written about Lewis several times and I’m sure many people will be writing about him now and highlighting different…

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New Start

By Clare Wildman / 24th September 2018 /

New starts can be challenging at the best of times but just imagine if you were making a new start in the public eye and you already have a big success behind you… That’s just what Greg Rutherford is planning to do as he retires from his successful long jump career and I’m full of…

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That dream has passed – I’m too old now

By Clare Wildman / 26th January 2018 / Comments Off on That dream has passed – I’m too old now

“That dream has passed, I’m too old now.” This phrase fills me with sadness every time every time I hear it and when I think of the story I’m about to share it always brings a tear to my eye.  It’s a phrase I never want to hear in the coaching room and I make…

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100 Year Old Inspiration

By Clare Wildman / 28th March 2017 / Comments Off on 100 Year Old Inspiration

100 Year Old Inspiration, Ivy      This week has been an important one for my husband’s family as his Nan, Ivy, celebrated her 100th birthday.  WOW!  Ever since I first met her Ivy has impressed me.  She was a mere youngster of 86 then.  She still did her own housework and shopping, regularly went…

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Get Inspired – what can you do?

By Clare Wildman / 11th December 2016 / Comments Off on Get Inspired – what can you do?

Get Inspired Is a tag line used by the BBC to encourage more people into sport and I think it originated from London 2012.  You can tell it’s working.  So many athletes were inspired by the 2012 Olympics and are going on to bigger and better things now as a result.  Just check out the…

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A Lesson from the World of Motorbikes – Upgrading Your Skills

By Clare Wildman / 10th December 2016 / Comments Off on A Lesson from the World of Motorbikes – Upgrading Your Skills

Learning and developing our skills leads us to becoming better versions of ourselves.  I never thought that this message would be brought home to me through motorbikes though. I got the inspiration for this blog post sitting in the car at Kempston Park.  The last time I’d visited I’d been dressed in a tiger suit…

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I’m Worth It

By Clare Wildman / 27th October 2016 / Comments Off on I’m Worth It

“I’m good enough, I’m worth it.”  Two small phrases that jumped out at me when Candice Brown won Bake Off last night. I rarely watch programs like this and it’s even rarer that I watch the final live (iPlayer is my best friend when it comes to television) but I’m so pleased I caught this…

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Love Monday? Don’t rush off to the agencies yet

By Clare Wildman / 16th October 2016 / Comments Off on Love Monday? Don’t rush off to the agencies yet

Have you seen the Reed #lovemondays adverts?  I love the idea, it’s great to love Monday….. Tuesday and every other day of the week.  Life is so much better when you enjoy your Monday and know that the rest of the week will bring more of the same.  I can honestly say that nearly all of my…

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