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Oversteer or Understeer?

By Clare Wildman / 30th July 2015 / Comments Off on Oversteer or Understeer?

Before you think it – No I’m not going to ask if your back end is stepping out! Instead I’m thinking about the amount of control you exercise in your life.  Have you got the balance right? The clients I see tend to want oversteer but have understeer.  Often they go about their day to…

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Who is Travelling With You on Your Life Journey?

By Clare Wildman / 30th July 2015 / Comments Off on Who is Travelling With You on Your Life Journey?

This weekend I’ve watched the film Couples Retreat.  It was very light weight and got me to thinking about the characteristics of different partnerships.  Then on the way back from visiting friends yesterday my mind was wandering as Mike did the driving and I realised that it’s important to know who is travelling your life…

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By Clare Wildman / 30th July 2015 / Comments Off on Loneliness

I’ve just finished reading a really interesting article about loneliness on the BBC website .  It raises interesting points about the way that our lifestyles have changed and how that may have led to more and more people categorising themselves as being lonely. As someone who enjoys spending time alone as much as spending time with friends and…

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Little Gestures

By Clare Wildman / 10th July 2015 / Comments Off on Little Gestures

I’m in a reflective mood this morning.  Funerals tend to do that to you don’t they.  Especially when they are for someone who passed away too quickly. I’ve changed my profile picture on facebook to remind me of the last time I saw Angie.  She’d been in hospital after weeks of pain and discovered she…

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Confidence – Why do we want it ?

By Clare Wildman / 24th June 2015 / Comments Off on Confidence – Why do we want it ?

Confidence – what is it? No really what is it?! The other thing I don’t really understand is why do we think it is so valuable? Let me explain. Over the years I’ve heard lots of views on confidence and the more I hear the more I question.  It seems to me that we are…

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Let’s be contented!

By Clare Wildman / 22nd October 2014 /

I feel rather uncomfortable putting this out there but I’m trusting you to be gentle with me! You see I don’t have ‘grand’ or ‘noble’ goals and dreams.  I don’t have a ‘big’ story.  For some time now this has felt like a problem for me as all Life Coaches I’ve come across seem to…

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Inspiring Books

By Clare Wildman / 5th March 2014 / Comments Off on Inspiring Books

  I’ve always loved reading.  Any photos of me as a child tended to depict me with my nose in a book.  Mum always said that Christmas for us was all about Dad and I reading our presents! That said, up until a couple of years ago, I only read novels.  Recently though I’ve discovered…

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