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What to expect

Your coaching experience will differ depending on what you need on the day but you can always expect to be listened to in total confidence, to be supported and to know that it's all about what is best for you.

Coaching sessions work around creating inspiring visions of what you want to achieve and exploring how you can do that. You'll learn to work with your strengths using what will work best for you. 

What you can expect from your experience

A conversation

To do most of the talking

You stay in control

New ideas and concepts

New ideas and concepts

To feel safe…right up to the point that you need a nudge…and there’ll always be a hand to steady you

To be questioned and challenged

Your head may hurt will all that thinking

It might get emotional (that's ok!)

You’ll be cared for

You’ll be supported

Your conversation will be confidential

After the session:
you choose what happens next

We'll discuss whether or not we can work together long term and how would work best for you. 

I’ll be there to support and encourage you, you may get emails of encouragement, you may receive something in the post, I may ring to see how you are getting on...

Welcome to your coaching room

Want to take a look round the coaching room before you arrive? This is where we’ll be working together.

We might also take a wander outside on a nice day.  Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine can help to give life a different perspective