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Searching for my purpose – Lewis Hamilton

By Clare Wildman / 29th October 2018

Sunday 28th October 2018 and F1 fans across the world watched Lewis Hamilton become a 5 times World Champion.  It’s quite an achievement and at times this year it really wasn’t looking at all certain.  I’ve written about Lewis several times and I’m sure many people will be writing about him now and highlighting different…

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New Start

By Clare Wildman / 24th September 2018

New starts can be challenging at the best of times but just imagine if you were making a new start in the public eye and you already have a big success behind you… That’s just what Greg Rutherford is planning to do as he retires from his successful long jump career and I’m full of…

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What do you actually do?

By Clare Wildman / 16th September 2018

I often have fun when people ask how business is going as they then go on to say something along the lines of “What do you ACTUALLY do?” It’s a great question as 10 years in it’s still not really easy to explain. The basics are simple. I talk to people and ask them questions…

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Eat That Frog

By Clare Wildman / 26th July 2018

‘Eat That Frog’ and make progress with your to-do list There are many tools and tips out there for beating procrastination and getting down to tackling the to do list. Perhaps the most intriguing and fun sounding is Brian Tracey’s Eat that Frog. If you regularly use to do lists you probably have that one…

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What can coaching be used for?

By Clare Wildman / 1st March 2018

The uses to which coaching can be put are almost endless. You can be coached around any circumstance, situation or project that you are struggling to address on your own or simply don’t want to tackle alone. It is easy to see that you might benefit from coaching for your career, especially if you are…

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Would you like to be coached by me?

By Clare Wildman / 6th February 2018

“Would you like to be coached by me but think you can’t really afford it?” That was the heading of an email I received from a coach I follow and would love to work with.  My first reaction was to press delete thinking ‘Yes but I bet I still can’t when I’ve finished reading the…

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Time to Talk Day

By Clare Wildman / 1st February 2018

Time to Talk When you hear the word HEALTH what comes to mind?  For many it is diet, for others it is all about activity but until recently the mind/soul/spirit side of things has been largely neglected.  The tide is turning though.  With stress, anxiety and depression now affecting so many people this is an…

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Love Yourself – The Greatest Love of all

By Clare Wildman / 30th January 2018

This was originally written for my local magazine Bletchley Buzz.  It’s a topic that comes up regularly with many finding it harder to love themselves than to love and care for others.  So with thanks to Bletchley Buzz I’m replicating it here, with a few tweaks, for those who aren’t lucky enough to get a…

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That dream has passed – I’m too old now

By Clare Wildman / 26th January 2018

“That dream has passed, I’m too old now.” This phrase fills me with sadness every time every time I hear it and when I think of the story I’m about to share it always brings a tear to my eye.  It’s a phrase I never want to hear in the coaching room and I make…

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Client testimonial – Claire’s story

By Clare Wildman / 15th January 2018

Claire’s Story – not stuck at a crossroads now Claire Pilsworth, editor of Bletchley Buzz shared her story in her magazine. It’s a great example of how coaching can help you. Are you stuck at a crossroads? At the end of the last year so was I…and then I met Clare Wildman – a lady…

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