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Make Your Dream Come True Day

By Clare Wildman / 10th January 2022 /

Did you know that January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day?  Well it is according to a calendar I found online and that’s good enough for me!  Actually as far as I’m concerned that should be the case every day but maybe that’s a little unrealistic for some. In all honesty I love…

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Who am I?

By Clare Wildman / 17th May 2021 /

“Who am I?” can feel like a really big and scary question to ask can’t it?  Yet having a sense of self can help us to steer our way in life.  I was reading about this recently in the magazine Calm and Clear. The article quotes psychotherapist Noel McDermott as saying “We can think of…

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Self-care Sunday

By Clare Wildman / 29th January 2020 /

I’m really looking forward to running the Self-care Sunday morning session. It’s odd to think that many of the people who may identify a need to come will be those who struggle to make time…..I get it. If that’s you drop me a line as I want to keep working with people in this area…

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In a world full of advice

By Clare Wildman / 13th June 2019 /

A comment made by a friend over dinner the other night about some advice she had been given has triggered one of my pondering sessions…. Having started a new role she is now working from home for some of the time and was telling me that she has been advised to setup an office space…

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Self-judgement Saturday

By Clare Wildman / 5th January 2019 /

It’s the first Saturday of 2019 and our regular plans were cancelled….so I slept in until about 10 am! Shocking! That’s when the self-judgement struck. Actually it’s very similar to how my Saturday’s worked when I lived on my own but it’s only recently that I’ve noticed just how well it works for me. Today…

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Time to Talk Day

By Clare Wildman / 1st February 2018 / Comments Off on Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk When you hear the word HEALTH what comes to mind?  For many it is diet, for others it is all about activity but until recently the mind/soul/spirit side of things has been largely neglected.  The tide is turning though.  With stress, anxiety and depression now affecting so many people this is an…

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100 Year Old Inspiration

By Clare Wildman / 28th March 2017 / Comments Off on 100 Year Old Inspiration

100 Year Old Inspiration, Ivy      This week has been an important one for my husband’s family as his Nan, Ivy, celebrated her 100th birthday.  WOW!  Ever since I first met her Ivy has impressed me.  She was a mere youngster of 86 then.  She still did her own housework and shopping, regularly went…

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Choice Overwhelm

By Clare Wildman / 5th January 2017 / Comments Off on Choice Overwhelm

When it comes to deciding what you are going to work towards in the future it can be more tricky than it might originally seem.  At first it seems simple, you just decide what you want and then go about making it happen.  If you are anything like me though when you start looking at what…

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New Year Resolutions, New Options

By Clare Wildman / 3rd January 2017 / Comments Off on New Year Resolutions, New Options

New Year, New Options New options is the way I prefer to see the whole business of New Year resolutions. After all the idea is about creating something different for the year ahead. There is something inspiring about that first blank page of the calendar.  A fresh start, a new beginning.  Of course we can…

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What is Success, for you?

By Clare Wildman / 12th December 2016 / Comments Off on What is Success, for you?

Success “1.  The accomplishment of an aim or purpose 1.1  The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status 1.2   A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc. 2   The good or bad outcome of an undertaking” So says the Oxford Dictionary’s website. I believe that success is a very personal thing and…

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