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Success – What does it mean?

By Clare Wildman / 16th June 2015 /

Success 1.  The accomplishment of an aim or purpose 1.1  The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status 1.2   A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc. 2   The good or bad outcome of an undertaking So says the Oxford Dictionaries website. I believe that success is a very personal thing…

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By Clare Wildman / 30th May 2015 / Comments Off on Relationships

The posts here on my blog are normally my own but this morning I have been struck by this beautiful piece on facebook and I think it’s worth sharing as much as possible.  I found it particularly poignant as my own wedding is later this year following nearly 12 years together and many of the…

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Monday Blues v Friday Feeling

By Clare Wildman / 17th April 2015 / Comments Off on Monday Blues v Friday Feeling

There are certain days when my facebook feed gets filled with posts on a theme.  From Thursday evening it’s the ‘don’t worry the weekend is nearly here’ stuff and Sunday evening the ‘oh no Monday’s coming’ posts begin. I know I’m really grateful that I’m not working a traditional Monday to Friday job and that I…

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Selfcare – Good Health to You

By Clare Wildman / 8th January 2015 / Comments Off on Selfcare – Good Health to You

There’s nothing quite like a night of constant coughing to remind us of the value of good health is there? I wrote the draft for this post at 3am before Christmas, unable to sleep for yet another night.  I can only sum up time spent with a cold as being incredibly tedious.  Normally I would…

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When did you last give someone a good listening to?

By Clare Wildman / 14th November 2014 / Comments Off on When did you last give someone a good listening to?

Yesterday my to-do list went out the window.  I’d planned the things I was going to get done by the close of play and I achieved less than half.  Normally that would be seen to be a failure by many but I’ve been reflecting on it today and I think it was a huge success.…

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Being a Specialist v Jack of all Trades

By Clare Wildman / 28th March 2014 / Comments Off on Being a Specialist v Jack of all Trades

I’ve been triggered to write this post by the John Lewis advert for House Insurance. ‘Ridiculous’ was my first response and then I remembered that I’d thought the same when I heard about Sainsburys Bank. I’ve been thinking about this for a little while before writing as in my employed world I was always a…

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I Procrastinate

By Clare Wildman / 17th March 2014 /

Really? I hear this comment a lot and I’m often seeing people posting on facebook and Twitter that they are procrastinating a lot today.  My first response is to query that.  I think it is often easy to label our behaviour like this rather than admit to ourselves what is really going on. What does…

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The Importance of Self Care

By Clare Wildman / 1st March 2014 /

If you know me well, or if you’ve worked with me, you’ll know this is something I’m particularly keen on.  Looking after yourself is the single most important thing you can do in this life.  If you aren’t in good condition you won’t be in a fit state to look after anyone else or to…

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Mid Life Crisis or Just Getting on with It

By Clare Wildman / 12th February 2014 /

You’ve reached a certain age and you’ve just got a sports car or a motorbike.  All of a sudden friends and family start teasing you about your mid-life crisis…what is that all about?! In fact what is likely to have happened is that you are simply able to afford it now.  Alternatively of course you…

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