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Make Your Dream Come True Day

By Clare Wildman / 10th January 2022 / Comments Off on Make Your Dream Come True Day

Did you know that January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day?  Well it is according to a calendar I found online and that’s good enough for me!  Actually as far as I’m concerned that should be the case every day but maybe that’s a little unrealistic for some. In all honesty I love…

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Do Something Different, Shake Things Up

By Clare Wildman / 3rd November 2021 / Comments Off on Do Something Different, Shake Things Up

Habits can be really powerful, taking small but regular actions each day can make massive changes when carried out consistently.   Sometimes though we just need to shake things up a bit and do something different.  That may be because we need to make things a bit more fun and less boring, it may be that…

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Prevention is Better than Cure

By Clare Wildman / 26th July 2021 / Comments Off on Prevention is Better than Cure

Take control of your own wellbeing Prevention is better than cure, is a phrase that we’ve all known about for a very long time. Never has it been a more appropriate time to take control of your own wellbeing.  We have an amazing system with the NHS in the UK and what it’s best at…

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Who is in Control of the Change in Your Life?

By Clare Wildman / 5th November 2020 / Comments Off on Who is in Control of the Change in Your Life?

When you are struggling with the amount of change in your life, taking some time out to think about who is controlling that change can have a quick and easy benefit. There can be two aspects of this:– Who has decided that the change will happen in the first place?– Who decides how the change…

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Your Life Journey

By Clare Wildman / 19th October 2020 / Comments Off on Your Life Journey

What is it about your life journey that is so important to the direction that you are heading in? Here’s how I worked out it’s importance to me. When people tell you that you are unique do you ever wonder just what they really mean?  I have, I used to think ‘but I’m nothing special,…

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Your Relationship with Change

By Clare Wildman / 4th May 2020 / Comments Off on Your Relationship with Change

I have been thinking about my own relationship with change a lot over the last month.  I used to think that I was ‘good with change’, that I enjoyed and embraced it, but recent weeks have seen that perception alter. I’ve been working out for myself the reasons why.  Over this time I have gained…

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Don’t Love Monday?

By Clare Wildman / 16th October 2016 / Comments Off on Don’t Love Monday?

Don’t rush off to the agencies yet Have you seen the Reed #lovemondays adverts?  I love the idea, it’s great to love Monday….. Tuesday and every other day of the week.  Life is so much better when you enjoy your Monday and know that the rest of the week will bring more of the same. …

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Are you saying “yes” too often?

By Clare Wildman / 17th February 2016 / Comments Off on Are you saying “yes” too often?

Saying yes too often?  I’ll not be surprised if this is the case. All to often I hear of cases where well meaning, kind and caring people are swamped with too much to do and it’s often because they don’t want to say “No”.   Saying yes just seems so much easier and kinder. Let’s be honest…

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Change – Part 2

By Clare Wildman / 18th May 2015 / Comments Off on Change – Part 2

Today I’m following on with the theme of change and words that inspire action. Music to inspire change “I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at…

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Change – Part 1

By Clare Wildman / 11th May 2015 / Comments Off on Change – Part 1

Be the change you want to see in the world. The other day I was musing about the world of politics.  I’d cast my vote but was wondering what it would really take for me to be able to vote with confidence.  What would I need to know about the candidates? At that point one…

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