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In a world full of advice

By Clare Wildman / 13th June 2019 / 0 Comments

A comment made by a friend over dinner the other night about some advice she had been given has triggered one of my pondering sessions…. Having started a new role she is now working from home for some of the time and was telling me that she has been advised to setup an office space…

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Building Habits

By Clare Wildman / 11th June 2019 / 0 Comments

One of the most important principles I’ve learnt in my time as a coach is to know yourself and act accordingly. This is particularly useful when you are building new habits. So often I see people set the bar really high and then they find it is unrealistic and they struggle to suceed. On the…

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Eat That Frog

By Clare Wildman / 26th July 2018 / 0 Comments

‘Eat That Frog’ and make progress with your to-do list There are many tools and tips out there for beating procrastination and getting down to tackling the to do list. Perhaps the most intriguing and fun sounding is Brian Tracey’s Eat that Frog. If you regularly use to do lists you probably have that one…

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Tool Box

By Clare Wildman / 15th January 2018 / 0 Comments

Sometimes all we need to help us get back on track is the right tool. In the tips and tools section I’ll share with you some of the best life tools that I use in the coaching room so that you can use them for yourself at home. Life Tools for you to use at…

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New Year Resolutions, New Options

By Clare Wildman / 3rd January 2017 / Comments Off on New Year Resolutions, New Options

New Year, New Options New options is the way I prefer to see the whole business of New Year resolutions. After all the idea is about creating something different for the year ahead. There is something inspiring about that first blank page of the calendar.  A fresh start, a new beginning.  Of course we can…

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Success Teams, how to select them

By Clare Wildman / 14th December 2016 / Comments Off on Success Teams, how to select them

In my last post I talked about who has success teams and what roles may need to be filled. Today I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts about how to select the people to fill these roles. Like with any vacancy, this is going to depend on the exact nature of the…

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Success Teams – who has them?

By Clare Wildman / 13th December 2016 / Comments Off on Success Teams – who has them?

Have you noticed how many celebrities have their success teams in place?  Yet some how we think we need to reach success before we employ the people who will make our lives easier or who will get us on the right track. I read an article in Tesco magazine about Davina McCall and her team (the online version…

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Take a break – is it time for a holiday?

By Clare Wildman / 30th November 2016 / Comments Off on Take a break – is it time for a holiday?

Are you ready for a break?  It looks as though Pickle is! I’ve never really understood the whole ‘rest is for the weak’ approach. I know some people thrive on very little sleep but for me it’s essential.  I know that working for myself makes it harder to take a proper break. In part because…

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Three tips to reduce overwhelm, now

By Clare Wildman / 31st October 2016 / Comments Off on Three tips to reduce overwhelm, now

It’s 3pm on Monday as I write this and overwhelm has already struck (and to think I normally love Monday).  Does that sound familiar?  Along with all the usual work and home stuff I’ve signed up for two online programs for work, I’ve got a growing list of books I want to read, I’m developing a…

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Options – Wellness MOT

By Clare Wildman / 4th October 2016 / Comments Off on Options – Wellness MOT

I’ve been a bit quiet recently and there are two reasons for that: I’m working on a new project and it’s taking a lot of thinking about and research I’ve been working on my own health One of my favourite questions is ‘What would the best you look like?’ and I’ve realised that the best…

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