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Stepping Out of Lockdown

By Clare Wildman / 12th April 2021 /

I’ve mentioned the Comfort\Stretch\Panic zone model before and here I’m going to use it to explain how stepping out of Lockdown could effect us in different ways.  This is a great tool to use and it’s going to be really useful for understanding some of the changes that we may be experiencing now.   Let’s have…

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Holiday at Home

By Clare Wildman / 23rd March 2021 /

My holiday at home experiment was… interesting! There must be an art to making staying at home feel like a genuine holiday.  After all you are still surrounded by jobs and chores so it is difficult to switch off.  If you go away you can’t even see that the bathroom floor needs cleaning, the windows…

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What Gets Measured Gets Done

By Clare Wildman / 5th September 2019 /

“What gets measured, gets done “ I’ve come across this phrase several times recently and I’m experiencing it’s truth for myself. In my bid to keep ontrack with my healthcare habits I have been experimenting with different tracking methods and have been seen the benefits of measuring first hand. We’ve all come across different systems…

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When and Where to Work

By Clare Wildman / 28th August 2019 /

This week has been a strange one so far. The Bank Holiday threw me a double whammy. First I was expecting to work, as Mike was, but his job was cancelled on Sunday evening so we made the most of an unexpected day together. Then there was the usual…’what day is it effect’ that had…

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Wheel of Life

By Clare Wildman / 18th July 2019 /

One of the first tools that any life coach will come across is the wheel of life. It’s a great way of getting a snapshot of what your world is looking like at any point in time. I’ve been using it a lot recently and it’s been helping me to get clear on where my…

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In a world full of advice

By Clare Wildman / 13th June 2019 /

A comment made by a friend over dinner the other night about some advice she had been given has triggered one of my pondering sessions…. Having started a new role she is now working from home for some of the time and was telling me that she has been advised to setup an office space…

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Building Habits

By Clare Wildman / 11th June 2019 /

One of the most important principles I’ve learnt in my time as a coach is to know yourself and act accordingly. This is particularly useful when you are building new habits. So often I see people set the bar really high and then they find it is unrealistic and they struggle to suceed. On the…

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Eat That Frog

By Clare Wildman / 26th July 2018 /

‘Eat That Frog’ and make progress with your to-do list There are many tools and tips out there for beating procrastination and getting down to tackling the to do list. Perhaps the most intriguing and fun sounding is Brian Tracey’s Eat that Frog. If you regularly use to do lists you probably have that one…

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Tool Box

By Clare Wildman / 15th January 2018 /

Sometimes all we need to help us get back on track is the right tool. In the tips and tools section I’ll share with you some of the best life tools that I use in the coaching room so that you can use them for yourself at home. Life Tools for you to use at…

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New Year Resolutions, New Options

By Clare Wildman / 3rd January 2017 / Comments Off on New Year Resolutions, New Options

New Year, New Options New options is the way I prefer to see the whole business of New Year resolutions. After all the idea is about creating something different for the year ahead. There is something inspiring about that first blank page of the calendar.  A fresh start, a new beginning.  Of course we can…

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