Clare Wildman Life Coach in Lincolnshire

About Clare

Clare connects in a way that I’ve never experienced before. She really tunes in to what you’re saying, passing no judgement whatsoever. Her laid back and quiet manner really help me to feel at ease with whatever I’m bringing to the table. ” KK. Milton Keynes

Clare's Story

I always thought of myself as a quiet person with an average life who likes to help people.  By nature most of us are 'normal' but this doesn't mean that life has been easy or that we don't have what we consider to be major achievements in our lives.

When I left school at 18 I was pretty shy and quiet but I'd got good grades and achieved a lot that I was proud of.  I'd helped to organise a fashion show at school and had talked teachers and pupils alike into walking down the catwalk.  I'd also managed to get my Bronze Medallion in Life Saving and passed my driving test.  (Isn't it amazing how quickly we take that last one for granted?!)

My working life has been exciting, scary and incredibly varied with time in different industries (retail, leisure, education, warehousing), different skill areas (reporting, marketing, sales, IT, admin, training, finance, HR, operations, management) and now as a coach. I've also been interested in many different topics and continue to study.  Over my life time I've come across a lot of information!


“Clare has a great way of helping you find your own way with no judgement but supporting you all the way with her extensive knowledge of tools and techniques for professional and personal growth.
Clare is a genuinely kind person who really cares about your progress”

DJ, Milton Keynes

The number of amazing people that I've met over this time is incredible.  I've found inspiration in many of them and hope to be able to return the favour.  I've learnt that we all have skills and specialities, we can all stand out if we want to, equally we can achieve great things quietly.  With support, encouragement and self-belief goals that once seemed out of reach can be achieved and surpassed.

In 2020 my husband and I made our move from Milton Keynes to Lincolnshire.  This goal had been five years in the planning.  We'd looked at lots of houses in lots of areas.  The house we eventually fell in love with was the one we were meant to move into.  We'd lost it twice and finally got it the third time around.  Then came the move during the first lockdown period in the UK.  It was the most stressful time and we called upon all of our resilience and all my coach training to get us through those days and into the house of our dreams.


“One of the reasons I like working with you is that it helps put things in perspective. Plus the way you keep your clients in mind when we’re not with you is a good sign of someone who cares about her clients.”

JW. Buckinghamshire

Why coach with me?

When I work with clients I bring all of my own life experiences, my training and my on going self-development into play.  I know that whoever you are, you are capable of great things.  I believe in you, I will support you and I will help you step by step to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

Dont' expect a set program, that's not what you'll get from me as you are different and as such we'll work on creating a way forward that will work for you.  We'll find out what techniques have worked for you in the past, what you already know and how to use it to your best advantage.

Be kind to yourself, I will be!

Benefits of being coached

  • Talking brings clarity
  • You are listened to
  • You make change step by step
  • Your thinking is challenged
  • You are supported
  • You are encouraged
  • Your beliefs are challenged
  • You are accepted for being you
  • You have someone on your side
  • Change will be faster and easier