Take a break – is it time for a holiday?

Are you ready for a break?  It looks as though Pickle is!

I’ve never really understood the whole ‘rest is for the weak’ approach. I know some people thrive on very little sleep but for me it’s essential.  I know that working for myself makes it harder to take a proper break. In part because nothing will happen when I’m not working but also because I actually enjoy pretty much every aspect of my work know (maybe not so much the accounts).
I nearly always have a new project on the go as well, as such it feels particularly difficult to take a break and yet it’s the absolute perfect time. With all the projects on the go, normal work and the day to day life issues that come up, a few days with my husband doing absolutely nothing at all to do with work is always just the refresh that I need to come back and do even better work on my return.
How is it that when we are ‘in the thick of it’ we often don’t see just how tired we really are. That everything seems really difficult to do, that our brains aren’t functioning well and yet we still don’t recognise that we need to stop and take a break.
So I encourage you to take a moment and reflect. How are your performance levels? Are you struggling with the tasks that are normally do so easily? Does it take a while for your brain to get into gear? Is everything feeling like a chore? Then maybe it’s time to have a break….Just one day may be all that you need, even a couple of hours can do the trick (that’s no checking emails on your phone) a real genuine break doing something completely unrelated to your work and losing yourself in it.  Press your own reset button.
It doesn’t have to mean and expensive holiday either but a change of scene can be just what you need.  That may well be a few days away, or it could be a day trip or even a visit to a new town.  It will help you see things differently on your return.  Will give you fresh eyes with which to view the world.

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