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Coaching Getaway

Personal and Bespoke

If you are struggling to think clearly about just what it is that you want from life maybe you need to get away for a few days of coaching.

This is a retreat with a difference, it's just for you!

No two coaching getaways look the same, you'll not share your time with me with anyone else, the focus will be purely on what you need.

Coaching Getaway Examples (from £325)

Career, Redundancy, Retirement

Setup session to assess your Getaway objectives and pick out any extra activities

Stay overnight at a local hotel of your choice

Lunch at  a local pub

Assess your values to ensure the new life you create meets them

Add a session with a career or financial expert to inform your decisions

Health & Fitness

Work one to one with coach Clare for up to a total of 6 hours in a full day

Overnight at a Lincolnshire glamping site

Lunches at a local independent cafe

Book a session with a nutrition expert

Talk to a fitness expert to assess your personal options

Lifestyle Changes

Bespoke welcome pack

Refreshments during your sessions

If you live locally travel from home each day

Personalised action plan created during your stay

Add a spa session to your stay

Create a vision board to inspire your change

Karen's summary of her Getaway

Day 1, I arrived at lunchtime and we spent some time walking outside followed by lunch. Moving into the coaching room I began to explain my situation and my feelings. I wanted to get it all out of my head and off my chest.

Day 2, another walk outside followed by discussing issues in detail. After this we broke for lunch. In the afternoon I was ready to confront some issues that I felt I needed to address / leave behind before I could move on. This left me feeling very drained but so much lighter and was one of the most valuable sessions.

Day 3, was a half day. We explored some areas to create a vision board, allowing me to build a vision of what the future might look like. I had some free time in the afternoon to explore the local area.

Day 4, We used the morning to complete the vision board which turned out to be a really powerful experience. It helped me to visualise areas for my life now I am retired, and actions that I can undertake to bring this about. I left for home at lunchtime.

Time with your coach can be spent exploring what it means to be you and what you'd like that to look like in the future.

One thing is for sure, this will be all about you, and only you.

Coaching Getaway Options

These are just some of the things that could make up your bespoke retreat.