Personal coaching sessions work around creating a vision of what you want to achieve and finding the right way for you to do that. You may need coaxing or you may need challenging. Each session will move you forward in the way that suits you best.

Personal Coaching Services

Single Session

Block out an hour in your calendar and we'll meet in person or online.  These sessions are book as and when you need them.  Each session is different depending on your needs.  It may feel like a normal conversation but I'll be asking questions and encouraging you to reflect on your situation, to see it differently and to make choices regarding the best way forward for you.

Make Time to Save Time

When you want to make quick progress that will last you need to commit to putting in time up front.

Block out half a day and we'll create a plan of small, easy to implement changes to meet your needs.

This is a really good option for those who find it hard to consistently put aside time for themselves.

Your Year of Change

Combine changing yoru life with building a personal toolkit that will support you going forward.
Each month you'll spend up to 4 hours learning about a new tool or technique, how to apply it to your life and progress your life plan.
WhatsApp support between sessions will be available to keep you on track and motivated.  It's time to prioritise yourself.

I offer a flexible approach to fit your needs

I work from my coaching room near Boston in Lincolnshire, UK.
I also use Zoom if you aren't able to visit me in person.
Either way support is available via WhatsApp so that you can continue to progress between sessions.