In Person v Video Conferencing Coaching Sessions

Since I first set up in business I have offered both in person and video conferencing coaching sessions. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Here I explain them to help you decide which is the best option for you.

In Person

– When you come to my coaching room you get a change of environment as well as the coaching. Just being somewhere different can impact on the quality of your thinking. Many people notice that their best ideas come in the shower or while driving. This is the same principle. You are in a different space without all the normal day to day reminders and prompts.

– You are guaranteed not to be overheard. The coaching room provides you with privacy from those you know. You may not be discussing anything that you don’t specifically want friends, family or colleagues to know but it’s still easier to talk if you know you aren’t overheard

– Coming to the coaching room provides you with a break in a relaxing environment, a moment of time out. Many have commented on what a lovely relaxing space it is.

– This is your time. You are looked after. I’ll get you drinks, make you comfortable and provide any tissues, notepads, magic whiteboard etc that may be needed

– You have the journey time to clear your thoughts and prepare to focus on yourself. The return journey lets your new thinking settle.

Video Conferencing Coaching

– This can seem a little intimidating if you haven’t used it before. It took me a while to build up to using Skype in the early days but once I did I realised that you soon get used to it.

– This is the option that requires a little more work on your part: you will need to get your own drinks, tissues, paper and pen

– You will need to set yourself up somewhere you won’t be overheard or interrupted

– IT issues are very rare but there is the possibility that we might get a slow connection or there may be problems getting connected. I have very rarely experienced this myself.

– The really big advantage is that it is easier for you to fit the coaching session into your schedule as you don’t have to factor in travel time

I personally prefer to work with you in person as it means I can add a few more ‘looking after you’ touches. It also means I can provide you with a calming space to work in. It really does depend on what works best for you though.

Coaching Sessions using Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing coaching sessions
Video Conferencing coaching sessions with me will look something like this

I use a system called Zoom which I find provides a more reliable link than Skype. You don’t need to install any special software at your end. When you book your session your confirmation email will include a link to the online coaching room and all you will need to do to join the call is click on that link.

Whether or not you use a headset is entirely up to you. I never used to as I join calls from the coaching room so there is no background noise. However, my current laptop has a very noisy fan which can interfere with the sound quality so I now prefer to use an earpiece which has it’s own microphone.

On screen. If you are worried about seeing your image in large screen (I was!) there are screen options available and you can choose the one that you prefer. I use the option that allows me to see you as if you were with me and there is a tiny window with my image in a corner somewhere out of the way.

Zoom is used by many professionals in similar industries and the security of the link is protected with end to end encryption. There is an option to record the call. This is not something that I have used. If recording is taking place then we will both have a notification on screen so you will know that the call is not being recorded if you cannot see that.

If we used video conferencing then I do ask that you have the camera switched on. It feels much more natural if we can both see each other and more like an in person session.

If you have any questions that I haven’t covered please give me a call or send me an email. If you’d like to give it a try you can book now.

About Clare Wildman

Life coaching from Lincolnshire. Having moved from Milton Keynes I'm now based between Boston and New York, in the UK. Looking forward to welcoming clients to the new coaching room and having the option for walking as we talk or taking advantage of sunny days in the garden.