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Prevention is Better than Cure

By Clare Wildman / 26th July 2021 /

Take control of your own wellbeing It’s a phrase that we’ve all known about for a very long time and never has it been a more appropriate time to take control of your own wellbeing.  We have an amazing system with the NHS in the UK and what it’s best at is dealing with emergencies…

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In Person v Video Conferencing Coaching Sessions

By Clare Wildman / 10th March 2020 /

Since I first set up in business I have offered both in person and video conferencing coaching sessions. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Here I explain them to help you decide which is the best option for you. In Person – When you come to my coaching room you get a change of environment…

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What do you actually do?

By Clare Wildman / 16th September 2018 /

I often have fun when people ask how business is going as they then go on to say something along the lines of “What do you ACTUALLY do?” It’s a great question as 10 years in it’s still not really easy to explain. The basics are simple. I talk to people and ask them questions…

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What can coaching be used for?

By Clare Wildman / 1st March 2018 /

The uses to which coaching can be put are almost endless. You can be coached around any circumstance, situation or project that you are struggling to address on your own or simply don’t want to tackle alone. It is easy to see that you might benefit from coaching for your career, especially if you are…

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Would you like to be coached by me?

By Clare Wildman / 6th February 2018 / Comments Off on Would you like to be coached by me?

“Would you like to be coached by me but think you can’t really afford it?” That was the heading of an email I received from a coach I follow and would love to work with.  My first reaction was to press delete thinking ‘Yes but I bet I still can’t when I’ve finished reading the…

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Value for Money, Your 24/7 Life Coach

By Clare Wildman / 28th February 2017 / Comments Off on Value for Money, Your 24/7 Life Coach

I’ve heard a couple of times now that my clients worry that others will think that they are going crazy.  Is that because they are reaching for dreams that others think are impossible?  Because they are making radical changes to their lives?  Well maybe it’s those as well but the one thing that makes me…

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Potential – create your own magic by realising yours

By Clare Wildman / 6th August 2015 / Comments Off on Potential – create your own magic by realising yours

There are days when I receive an email out of the blue and it confirms that I’ve made the right decision in being a coach.  I love helping my clients to discover their potential. This email came from a lovely guy who has really blossomed from a situation where he couldn’t quite see his own…

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Comfort Zone – a great place to be?

By Clare Wildman / 30th July 2015 / Comments Off on Comfort Zone – a great place to be?

I’m looking forward to joining Dave Stimson on Secklow Sounds this afternoon for his radio show ‘Transition’. Today we’ll be talking about getting out of your comfort zone.  This is one of my favourite topics and gives me a chance to talk about my favourite tool. Let’s start by talking you through this graphic. The…

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Life coaching – the slower option?

By Clare Wildman / 30th July 2015 /

I think that many people think of coaching as being a slow option and this causes a bit of a problem for us coaches. After all we live in a society where immediate gratification is the in thing right now and that really isn’t what coaching is about, even though it could be the result…

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What is Life Coaching? Mr Benn to the rescue

By Clare Wildman / 28th May 2015 / Comments Off on What is Life Coaching? Mr Benn to the rescue

After years of being asked “what is life coaching?” , a trip down memory lane has provided me with a good answer. Now I’m not sure everyone reading this will remember Mr Benn so just in case you aren’t as old as me, here’s a YouTube link. In each episode Mr Benn tries on a new…

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