That dream has passed – I’m too old now

“That dream has passed, I’m too old now.”

This phrase fills me with sadness every time every time I hear it and when I think of the story I’m about to share it always brings a tear to my eye.  It’s a phrase I never want to hear in the coaching room and I make it my mission to get you thinking so that you never something that you utter.

I heard it a while back now when  I went to a Triumph Motorbike garage with Mike (well actually I stayed in the car reading my book). After looking round the bikes and obviously chatting to a few people Mike came back and told me that the bike he’d gone to look at had already been sold but his dream bike the Triumph Rocket was there in a rare colour and at a really good price.

He then went on to tell me that he’d been talking to one of the other guys there who’d also been admiring it and that he’d said that he’d love it but ‘I’m too old now, that dream has passed’.  Mike went on to explain that the gentleman felt the bike would be too heavy for him now.  I can understand that but was delighted that Mike suggested that he book himself a test drive at any rate to see if that really was the case.

We drove on in silence for a while before Mike said, “I don’t want to get to the point where I end up saying that the dream has passed, not if there’s something I could have done about it.” Wise words from my wise man!

In this case he won’t have to as this beast of a bike is now residing in our garage and this dream has now come true for Mike.  I often wonder if it did for the gentleman at the dealers that day.  I do hope that he at least tested his belief about the bike being too heavy.  No dream should pass anyone by on a supposition.

So if you don’t want to end up saying that the dream has passed what do you need to do right now?

About Clare Wildman

Life coaching from Lincolnshire. Having moved from Milton Keynes I'm now based between Boston and New York, in the UK. Looking forward to welcoming clients to the new coaching room and having the option for walking as we talk or taking advantage of sunny days in the garden.