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Tuesday 16th July

There’s been a break in my writing because we’ve been on holiday. I did think that I’d still be able to post while we were away but it tums out that the wifi at the campsite wasn’t very reliable. (Yes we were camping, in a tent and everything!) Progress Being on holiday didn’t mean a…

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Sunday 7th July

Well it’s been an interesting week and a busy one which is why this post has been delayed. Along with all the usual weekly tasks/catching up with business contacts, working with clients I’ve also been helping Mike to get our house ready for sale. A big part of my change plans involves our proposed move…

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Small Steps

Time after time you’ll hear me talking about taking small steps, it really does make change easier for many people and it is one of my personal favourites. I apply it in many areas including making food and exercise changes, cleaning the house, decluttering and other tasks that I find less than easy. Today I’m…

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Friday 28th June

Rest, recovery and breaking the chain So Friday already and you’ve heard nothing from me since… that must mean I’ve been out there moving, shaking and making my dreams come true right? Honestly… not so much. I’d say it’s been 10% that, 20% doing things for others or to help others,10% reading and learning, 10%…

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Friday 20th June

Today has been humbling. A big thank you to Gabriela, of Smiley Booth Northampton, we only met briefly at a networking event this morning and you’ve made a great impact on me! Not only with a beaming snide that is so infectious but also with your honest observation. As I drove home I recognised that…

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Getting started

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen over the years is that we don’t know what our goals are. When I started in this line of work I rather naively thought that clients would turn up at my door with a list of goals and we’d get to work making them happen. I’m wiser now…

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In a world full of advice

A comment made by a friend over dinner the other night about some advice she had been given has triggered one of my pondering sessions…. Having started a new role she is now working from home for some of the time and was telling me that she has been advised to setup an office space…

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Building Habits

One of the most important principles I’ve learnt in my time as a coach is to know yourself and act accordingly. This is particularly useful when you are building new habits. So often I see people set the bar really high and then they find it is unrealistic and they struggle to suceed. On the…

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Friday 7th June

I have had what has felt like a bad week. That I haven’t achieved anything. It’s just been one of those weeks for me, I’ve ended it feeling a bit down and as if I’ve done nothing at all. This is the time when reflection is worth it’s weight in gold. It’s also why I…

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Wednesday 5th June

It is making me realise that working as coach, especially as a self-employed once, you are very isolated. Not just personally but also in terms of your access to others for sharing purposes and in terms of you exposure to new methods and greater learning opportunities. My thoughts along these lines have been echoed by…

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