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A Lesson from the World of Motorbikes – Upgrading Your Skills

By Clare Wildman / 10th December 2016

Learning and developing our skills leads us to becoming better versions of ourselves.  I never thought that this message would be brought home to me through motorbikes though. I got the inspiration for this blog post sitting in the car at Kempston Park.  The last time I’d visited I’d been dressed in a tiger suit…

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Take a break – is it time for a holiday?

By Clare Wildman / 30th November 2016

Are you ready for a break?  It looks as though Pickle is! I’ve never really understood the whole ‘rest is for the weak’ approach. I know some people thrive on very little sleep but for me it’s essential.  I know that working for myself makes it harder to take a proper break. In part because…

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Three tips to reduce overwhelm, now

By Clare Wildman / 31st October 2016

It’s 3pm on Monday as I write this and overwhelm has already struck (and to think I normally love Monday).  Does that sound familiar?  Along with all the usual work and home stuff I’ve signed up for two online programs for work, I’ve got a growing list of books I want to read, I’m developing a…

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I’m Worth It

By Clare Wildman / 27th October 2016

“I’m good enough, I’m worth it.”  Two small phrases that jumped out at me when Candice Brown won Bake Off last night. I rarely watch programs like this and it’s even rarer that I watch the final live (iPlayer is my best friend when it comes to television) but I’m so pleased I caught this…

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Love Monday? Don’t rush off to the agencies yet

By Clare Wildman / 16th October 2016

Have you seen the Reed #lovemondays adverts?  I love the idea, it’s great to love Monday….. Tuesday and every other day of the week.  Life is so much better when you enjoy your Monday and know that the rest of the week will bring more of the same.  I can honestly say that nearly all of my…

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A sense of achievement

By Clare Wildman / 10th October 2016

What can you do to give yourself a sense of achievement today? Mike and I have just come back from a weekend helping my mum with chores around the house and garden.  We drove home last night smelling of bonfire, covered in dust and a little bit tired, but feeling a huge sense of achievement.…

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Options – Wellness MOT

By Clare Wildman / 4th October 2016

I’ve been a bit quiet recently and there are two reasons for that: I’m working on a new project and it’s taking a lot of thinking about and research I’ve been working on my own health One of my favourite questions is ‘What would the best you look like?’ and I’ve realised that the best…

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Get Inspired by the Olympics

By Clare Wildman / 17th August 2016

It’s a tag line used by the BBC to encourage more people into sport and I think it originated from London 2012.  You can tell it’s working.  So many athletes were inspired by the 2012 Olympics and are going on to bigger and better things now as a result.  Just check out the medal table.…

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What do you really want?

By Clare Wildman / 22nd July 2016

I’m not going to get political here don’t worry. Partly because that’s not my ‘thing’ and mainly because that’s not what I’m here for.  I do want to share though why I believe that the whole issue can bring us ALL some benefit in working out ‘what do you really want?’ In his book ‘The…

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Seven Questions from Bekka Prideaux

By Clare Wildman / 20th July 2016

I picked up on a post by Bekka Prideaux the other day about ‘7 questions to review your business and be ready to take action on what you learn.’  Always keen to try out new questions, and knowing Bekka always asks good ones, I sat myself down in the garden with a pen and paper and…

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