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Time – Our Quest for More

Time – if only I had more but do we really need it? How many times do you hear the plea “I wish I had more time” or ” I wish I had more hours in the day”? Talk to anyone these days and it seems they are struggling to keep up.  I wonder how…

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Feel Good Films

How many times have you watched a feel good film only to realise that there is a hidden story?  Usually a moral or a tip for life, just like Aesop’s fables.  It’s often the case in films for children and animations like Disney. My friend and coach, Elaine Mitchell, mentioned this recently in a post…

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What is the purpose of education?

I’ll warn you now I don’t have the answers but this question was prompted by reading, on facebook, that there is going to be a Virgin Disruptors debate on education.  Having read the article I decided to share it and add my own comments.  When I started I didn’t realise quite how much I had…

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Glass half full or half empty

  You often hear people talking about the differentiation between how they see the proverbial glass; half full or half empty. It’s used as a pointer about how positively they see life.  I’ve noticed though that there’s another distinction that is worth looking out for when it comes to how you view your achievements or…

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Should – who says?

Since I started my life coaching training I’ve become very sensitive to the word ‘should’ and love to replace it with ‘could’. Recently I’ve noticed that every time someone in the coaching room says ‘should’ my first question is “who says?”  It’s far better than asking someone to do the ‘should/could swap’ as it really…

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Potential – create your own magic by realising yours

There are days when I receive an email out of the blue and it confirms that I’ve made the right decision in being a coach.  I love helping my clients to discover their potential. This email came from a lovely guy who has really blossomed from a situation where he couldn’t quite see his own…

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Comfort Zone – a great place to be?

I’m looking forward to joining Dave Stimson on Secklow Sounds this afternoon for his radio show ‘Transition’. Today we’ll be talking about getting out of your comfort zone.  This is one of my favourite topics and gives me a chance to talk about my favourite tool. Let’s start by talking you through this graphic. The…

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Pre-season preparation

As the F1 season approaches we addicts can appease our cravings slightly with news from the pre-season tests.  With just one remaining period of testing and the season itself kicking off in a couple of weeks time all the regular excitement and intrigue is starting to build.   During the off season period what has…

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Oversteer or Understeer?

Before you think it – No I’m not going to ask if your back end is stepping out! Instead I’m thinking about the amount of control you exercise in your life.  Have you got the balance right? The clients I see tend to want oversteer but have understeer.  Often they go about their day to…

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Who is Travelling With You on Your Life Journey?

This weekend I’ve watched the film Couples Retreat.  It was very light weight and got me to thinking about the characteristics of different partnerships.  Then on the way back from visiting friends yesterday my mind was wandering as Mike did the driving and I realised that it’s important to know who is travelling your life…

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