Feel Good Films

How many times have you watched a feel good film only to realise that there is a hidden story?  Usually a moral or a tip for life, just like Aesop’s fables.  It’s often the case in films for children and animations like Disney.

My friend and coach, Elaine Mitchell, mentioned this recently in a post on facebook:

I love watching animated films, they generally have motivational / inspirational characters and a win over adversity. Great messages for kids of all ages. Today’s choice of breakfast entertainment is Reef.

Quote I liked.
“It doesn’t matter what you are. It matters what you do”

Today I’ve stumbled across a new favourite.  Spy Kids has just kept me well entertained for the afternoon.  The moral of the film was all about making time for those we care about rather than thinking that time will be available to us later if we only work harder/smarter now.

As not having enough time is something I often hear I was quick to pick up on this theme as the film unfolded and have recorded it to watch again.  There’s  a load of great puns as well so I’d really recommend it.

So as the nights get darker and colder why not make some popcorn, snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket, dim the lights and make the time to watch some feel good films that may just inspire you to make some great life changes.

Feel Good Films (as recommended by Elaine and I)

  • Frozen
  • Spy Kids
  • White Christmas
  • The Book of Life
  • Reef

Have you got some you’d recommend?

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