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Isn’t life strange? Vision Board Update

Well it just goes to show that Vision Boards have an impact, though maybe not in the way that we are expecting. On Sunday we had friends visiting and Rebecca had seen my posts about Vision Boards and asked me to show her.  So I took her through to the coaching room to show her…

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My Vision Board Story

I’d heard about vision boards long before I made my first one.  They sounded fun but I didn’t really ‘get’ how they could help.  Then about three years ago I was invited to one of Angela Samm’s workshops. I ‘suffered’ through a morning of relaxation and meditation all the while feeling anxious that I’d not…

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When did you last give someone a good listening to?

Yesterday my to-do list went out the window.  I’d planned the things I was going to get done by the close of play and I achieved less than half.  Normally that would be seen to be a failure by many but I’ve been reflecting on it today and I think it was a huge success.…

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Let’s be contented!

I feel rather uncomfortable putting this out there but I’m trusting you to be gentle with me! You see I don’t have ‘grand’ or ‘noble’ goals and dreams.  I don’t have a ‘big’ story.  For some time now this has felt like a problem for me as all Life Coaches I’ve come across seem to…

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Rock of Ages – Rock Your Life

Last night I went to see the wonderful show ‘Rock of Ages’ at Milton Keynes Theatre for a friend’s birthday.  What a treat! What a show.  So many shows are based around true life stories, especially the musicals, and we often relate music to different periods of our life.  Listening to a particular track can…

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Be careful what you ask for

I’ve heard all the stories about being specific with your goals or you might actually get what you asked for but it might not be what you wanted.  Heard that too? Well this morning I’m looking at our joint vision board and realise it works for that as well. Earlier this year I encouraged Mike…

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Learnings from my Challenge

I promised that I would share my experiences from carrying out the 100 coaching conversation challenge when I had had time to reflect. Well I’m still busy carrying out the sessions (just over half way through) but feel that I can start sharing some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. Several people commented…

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Most Heard in the Coaching Room

Procrastination, one of the top 5 in the coaching room. Would you believe that procrastination is one of the top complaints that people have about themselves when they come to see me in the coaching room? Top things I hear in the coaching room:1. I just want to win the lottery2. I procrastinate3. I’m useless4.…

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Word for the Year

As we welcomed 2014 into being I thought my word for the year was going to be ‘Healthy’.  Word for the year? It’s a concept my friend Bekka introduced me to.  Rather than setting a resolution or a goal you pick a word that you want to sum up the year ahead.  It’s worked well…

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Being a Specialist v Jack of all Trades

I’ve been triggered to write this post by the John Lewis advert for House Insurance. ‘Ridiculous’ was my first response and then I remembered that I’d thought the same when I heard about Sainsburys Bank. I’ve been thinking about this for a little while before writing as in my employed world I was always a…

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