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Monday Blues v Friday Feeling

There are certain days when my facebook feed gets filled with posts on a theme.  From Thursday evening it’s the ‘don’t worry the weekend is nearly here’ stuff and Sunday evening the ‘oh no Monday’s coming’ posts begin. I know I’m really grateful that I’m not working a traditional Monday to Friday job and that I…

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A lesson in friendship – Reason, Season, Lifetime

Friends Years ago now and email arrived in my inbox.  It was one of those circulars that had been sent to many people and I thank whoever sent it from the bottom of my heart.  This one had a real impact for me and the lesson is one I’ve used time and again in my…

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Stress less

It’s an ‘in the moment’ time. We all have days that don’t quite go to plan.  Perhaps, like me, you’re having a day where you just can’t quite get clear on something and it’s starting to frustrate you. Top Tip – Stress Less Instead of getting stressed about it just take a few deep breaths,…

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Don’t Beat Up On Your Self-Esteem

Yesterday my call with my lovely, bubbly, kind and caring friend started with her in tears. Why? Because she was frustrated and cross with HERSELF. As the sniffles subsided her story came out.  She was angry and disappointed with herself as she had so much to do and was going to miss some deadlines and…

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Selfcare – Good Health to You

There’s nothing quite like a night of constant coughing to remind us of the value of good health is there? I wrote the draft for this post at 3am before Christmas, unable to sleep for yet another night.  I can only sum up time spent with a cold as being incredibly tedious.  Normally I would…

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Isn’t life strange? Vision Board Update

Well it just goes to show that Vision Boards have an impact, though maybe not in the way that we are expecting. On Sunday we had friends visiting and Rebecca had seen my posts about Vision Boards and asked me to show her.  So I took her through to the coaching room to show her…

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My Vision Board Story

I’d heard about vision boards long before I made my first one.  They sounded fun but I didn’t really ‘get’ how they could help.  Then about three years ago I was invited to one of Angela Samm’s workshops. I ‘suffered’ through a morning of relaxation and meditation all the while feeling anxious that I’d not…

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When did you last give someone a good listening to?

Yesterday my to-do list went out the window.  I’d planned the things I was going to get done by the close of play and I achieved less than half.  Normally that would be seen to be a failure by many but I’ve been reflecting on it today and I think it was a huge success.…

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Let’s be contented!

I feel rather uncomfortable putting this out there but I’m trusting you to be gentle with me! You see I don’t have ‘grand’ or ‘noble’ goals and dreams.  I don’t have a ‘big’ story.  For some time now this has felt like a problem for me as all Life Coaches I’ve come across seem to…

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Rock of Ages – Rock Your Life

Last night I went to see the wonderful show ‘Rock of Ages’ at Milton Keynes Theatre for a friend’s birthday.  What a treat! What a show.  So many shows are based around true life stories, especially the musicals, and we often relate music to different periods of our life.  Listening to a particular track can…

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