Self-judgement Saturday

It’s the first Saturday of 2019 and our regular plans were cancelled….so I slept in until about 10 am! Shocking! That’s when the self-judgement struck. Actually it’s very similar to how my Saturday’s worked when I lived on my own but it’s only recently that I’ve noticed just how well it works for me.

self-judgement SaturdayToday I’ve woken absolutely raring to go, albeit in my PJ’s. I have so many ideas and things I want to do right now and that feels great.  I’d been feeling a bit bleurgh after the festive period and really couldn’t get my mind working again but after that lovely lie-in I’m back on form again.

That sounds great doesn’t it but the really interesting bit for me is that I still feel that little bit of guilt for being so lazy! I am still judging myself for having started my day so late and for the fact that I haven’t even brushed my hair yet let alone my teeth.

On the other hand there’s a very practical part of my brain that is saying ‘so what?’  I know that this works for me and it works very well.

Luckily for me Mike is out on his motorbike and there’s only the cat’s at home so I can go with the flow and enjoy my new found enthusiasm.

So why am I writing about this and sharing it?

Because I’m wondering it you have moments like this as well… do you have habits, methods, ways of living that work really well for you but that maybe you’d feel a little bit ashamed to share with others? I’m hoping that my sharing gives you the confidence to acknowledge that if it works for you then there’s every reason to let it, so long as nobody else suffers as a consequence.

This year I’m going to make a more concerted effort to accept what woks for me and to go with it.  I’m far better at doing this than I used to be but there’s obviously still some room for improvement!

Happy Saturday everyone, however you choose to go about your day!

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