Word for the Year

As we welcomed 2014 into being I thought my word for the year was going to be ‘Healthy’.  Word for the year? It’s a concept my friend Bekka introduced me to.  Rather than setting a resolution or a goal you pick a word that you want to sum up the year ahead.  It’s worked well for me in the past as I’ve used ‘flow’ and ‘natural’.

This year with an operation pending and a reasonable amount of weight to shed I thought that ‘healthy’ would do the trick.  It’s certainly my intention to give more attention to what I eat and my levels of exercise, the amount of fresh air I get and so on.

Today though I’ve realised that my word has chosen me – it’s ‘powerful’ and it keeps cropping up.  I first noticed it when I created the vision board for my business that I am so proud of.

vision board fb


Powerful is exactly how this makes me feel and is particularly represented by the picture of the whale at the bottom.

I’ve realised that this year I’m also mixing with people who are making powerful decisions and are taking powerful actions and it’s my intention to do the same.

Now as I write this I remember Bekka telling me that the word will chose you, not the other way around.

So, if you were to have a word for the year…..has it chosen you yet and, if so, what is it?

About Clare Wildman

Life coaching from Lincolnshire. Having moved from Milton Keynes I'm now based between Boston and New York, in the UK. Looking forward to welcoming clients to the new coaching room and having the option for walking as we talk or taking advantage of sunny days in the garden.