Procrastination, one of the top 5 in the coaching room.

Would you believe that procrastination is one of the top complaints that people have about themselves when they come to see me in the coaching room?

Top things I hear in the coaching room:
1. I just want to win the lottery
2. I procrastinate
3. I’m useless
4. I don’t deserve it
5. I’m not good at….

and how many times do you think they are wrong?  Yep, most of the time.

From the fact that they wouldn’t really be comfortable with a lottery win, after all they don’t feel they deserve it, right through to all those self criticisms like I’m a useless,, procrastinator and I’m not good at….anything.

Procrastination reared it’s ugly head again as a topic in the coaching room this week and the thing I’m seeing time after time is that people are so hard on themselves!  Any time they don’t immediately get on with the next task at hand they label themselves a procrastinator. In many cases they just needed a few minutes break.

So before you use the word again – just take a moment and ask yourself if it’s really true. If it is then go ahead and say it (and then do something about it) but if it’s not find the right word instead.


About Clare Wildman

YES! I’ve found my purpose in life and it’s to help others to change their life. At some level I’d always known that, I just didn’t know how. Guess how I found out? That’s right I went to a Life Coach and found that coaching was the answer to my own life change and that of others.