I’m Worth It

“I’m good enough, I’m worth it.”  Two small phrases that jumped out at me when Candice Brown won Bake Off.

I rarely watch programs like this and it’s even rarer that I watch the final live (iPlayer is my best friend when it comes to television) but I’m so pleased I caught this one.

There are a couple of shows on the BBC which have managed to capture the art of friendly competition (or in my book, competition as it should be).  The Great British Bake Off is one and The Sewing Bee is the other.  Both have competitors that really and truly want to win and yet they are also so supportive of the other competitors.

It was Candice’s comments in her interview immediately after that really caught my attention though as I know that so many people feel the same.  Here was this lady who had created some totally amazing bakes (who will ever forget that peacock) but she still found it hard to believe that she was good enough.

Her follow up of “I”m worth it” may have been missed by many, after all she came across as a pretty confident, and almost tough, competitor but  I’m sure it will have encouraged those who suffer from low self esteem.  There’s an on going struggle for many.  On one level they know they are good at what they do but still they have the feeling that underneath it all they aren’t ‘worth it’, that maybe one day they’ll be caught out.  It’s often referred to as Imposter Syndrome.

I hope that this realisation stays with Candice now.  That this achievement banishes it forever.  Keep remembering it Candice.  You are good enough, you are worth it and you know what? You were all the time.

If you’re reading this and you know how she feels, just remember that you too are good enough, you are worth it.  If you want to prove that to yourself then go for it but don’t waste your time on proving it to others, they don’t need to believe it as much as you do.

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