Get Inspired – what can you do?

Get Inspired

Is a tag line used by the BBC to encourage more people into sport and I think it originated from London 2012.  You can tell it’s working.  So many athletes were inspired by the 2012 Olympics and are going on to bigger and better things now as a result.  Just check out the medal table at Rio.

If you know me well then you’ll know that I’m still far more likely to be seen sitting curled up with a book and a coffee/wine and a packet of crisps than running, cycling or swimming.  I’m still being inspired though – just in a different way.

What is inspiring me is the wealth of stories that the Olympics show cases.  The vast number of people involved in making it happen and all those involved in the quest to be the best.  All that is firing me up just as it does when I watch F1.

What it can mean for you:

If you’ve been watching the Olympics coverage you’ll have seen the stories behind the athletes themselves.  Some have experienced serious injuries and had to fight back to health, many haven’t come from sporting backgrounds and have had to push for the opportunity to take part.  Every last one of them has put in a huge amount of time and energy to be there.  All of them have had to look deep within themselves and be sure that they really wanted to do this.  They have had to be brutally honest about their abilities and where they can make those tiny little improvements that will take them from ‘very good’ to ‘world class’.

I’ve watched Mark Cavendish clinch his silver medal and then Jason Kenny and Laura Trott get gold.  I noticed how they all referred to the whole of the cycling team: those who design the bikes, the planners, trainers and coaches.  It was a great insight into the roles behind the performance.  All of those people had to be on form, all had to be the best in their field.

The art is in working out where your own skills are at their best and what you enjoy doing, then focusing on that.  Not everyone will be a great athlete but their skills may make them a great coach or trainer when combined with their love of the sport.  For many of us sport may not be the thing that gets us out of bed but there are still lots of lessons that can be learned and still many opportunities to be explored.

Are you starting to see the possibilities for where you can use your skills to the max?

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