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Would you like to be coached by me?

“Would you like to be coached by me but think you can’t really afford it?” That was the heading of an email I received from a coach I follow and would love to work with.  My first reaction was to press delete thinking ‘Yes but I bet I still can’t when I’ve finished reading the…

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What is Life Coaching? Mr Benn to the rescue

After years of being asked “what is life coaching?” , a trip down memory lane has provided me with a good answer. Now I’m not sure everyone reading this will remember Mr Benn so just in case you aren’t as old as me, here’s a YouTube link. In each episode Mr Benn tries on a new…

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Don’t Beat Up On Your Self-Esteem

Yesterday my call with my lovely, bubbly, kind and caring friend started with her in tears. Why? Because she was frustrated and cross with HERSELF. As the sniffles subsided her story came out.  She was angry and disappointed with herself as she had so much to do and was going to miss some deadlines and…

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