When and Where to Work

This week has been a strange one so far. The Bank Holiday threw me a double whammy. First I was expecting to work, as Mike was, but his job was cancelled on Sunday evening so we made the most of an unexpected day together. Then there was the usual…’what day is it effect’ that had me thinking I’d missed a client when she’s not due until this afternoon!

I’d set this week aside to really knuckle down and do some of those jobs that keep being put off and the ones that need you to get ‘in the flow’. I think I’ve mentioned before that August is a really quiet month for me so I tend to leave these sort of jobs for August to make the most of it. Up until now I’ve not achieved as much as I’d expected, in part because of our week off and the hot weather but mainly through being a magpie with bright shiny new topics.

One of these has been about the value of becoming a specialist and I have very conflicting views on this to the mainstream. I’ll come back to that though as it’s a topic in it’s own right.

So on the whole topic of knuckling down….yesterday was productive until I popped into town to get a bullet journal…two hours in the city centre, three bullet journals later and I whiled away the afternoon with coloured pens, ruler and the first bullet journal. With my page created for tracking the completion of my accounts ready for the accountant I actually sat at my desk this morning and have managed to tick a whole load of boxes. It’s funny how I’ve been coming across the phrase “what get’s measured get’s done” a lot recently and now I’ve gone and proved it to myself!

There’s a lot to be said for creating yourself a work like environment, setting your hours and sticking to it but there’s also quite a lot to be said for going with the flow. Of course it all depends on deadlines and other pressures but sometimes you just know what’s going to work best for you and when that’s the case – stick to your guns.

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