Wheel of Life

One of the first tools that any life coach will come across is the wheel of life. It’s a great way of getting a snapshot of what your world is looking like at any point in time. I’ve been using it a lot recently and it’s been helping me to get clear on where my priorities lay.

Type of Wheel

Over the years I’ve come across several versions and I’ve seen it used in different ways. It ranges from something as simple as this :

Simple Wheel of Life

to something this complex.

Advance Wheel of Life

In many versions the coach specifies the topic areas. This can be helpful but personally I’m a firm believer that everyone should work with the topics that are most important to them as an individual. Each topic is represented by one segment of the Wheel and is scored out of ten.

This is one of the tools that is so simple and so beneficial to use but many of us, myself included, just don’t use it on a regular basis. Maybe it’s too easy!

For many years I’ve wanted a pretty computerised version to use and this year I finally found one. The Stryvers Dreams Dashboard includes the Wheel of Life, and a whole lot more, all for the small fee of $10

I love this version. You can change the headings if they don’t work for you and there’s a very useful assessment sheet to help you put your scores together. Most weeks I pick the score that feels right for me by instinct but every now and then I work through the assessment to check that my scoring is based in reality and I’m not kidding myself (one way or the other).

This is how my Wheel of Life is looking this week:

My Wheel of Life using the Stryvers format

Help Using the Wheel

If you’d like to see how you can use the Wheel you can book a session with me here. If, like me, you prefer a digital version then I strongly recommend the Stryvers one above. At that price you can tell it’s been designed to be used and it comes with a useful video to talk you through how to use the whole dashboard. If you’d still like some help using it you can book here.

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