Are you saying “yes” too often?

Saying yes too often?

I’ll not be surprised if this is the case. All to often I hear of cases where well meaning, kind and caring people are swamped with too much to do and it’s often because they don’t want to say “No”.   Saying yes just seems so much easier.

Let’s be honest we’ve probably all been caught out at some time or other having said that we’ll do something with all the best intentions only to realise that we don’t actually have the time, energy or resources. Then there’s the fall out with the friend, family member or colleague who feels let down because you couldn’t follow through.
Saying no is something that many of us avoid like the plague but on the other hand we know from experience that it’s so much worse when we say yest but then can’t follow through for one reason or another.
How many areas of your life is ‘Yes-itis’ ruining? How many friendships and how many people now have the wrong impression of you?
It’s worth thinking about this before it does too much damage to your relationships and the way that others perceive you.
My top 5 tips:
1. Take time to consider any request before giving your answer
2. Don’t be pressured, be honest with yourself, and the person asking
3. Is this a task that the person asking is responsible for and is capable of doing for themselves
4. Assess the priority and importance to the person who is asking
5. Only commit if you are confident you can follow through

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