Rolling with the changes

It’s so easy to decide that you are going to work on a project or a goal.  At the start motivation is high and you feel strong and determined.  What happens when you hit a hitch though?

This is where you really prove your mettle or where you may need some help.

I set off today with a clear plan in mind.  Go into town, do some shopping, see some people while I was there and then head over to my favourite place to write (a local coffee shop) to do some work.  All was going swimmingly I sat down in the cafe with my soup for lunch and started writing….then overheard that they were closing for the afternoon!

At that point it would have been so easy to pack my bag and head back to the shops (why not have an afternoon off) but I headed back home and looked at the other items on my maybe list.  The particular project I was planning to work on requires concentration and commitment and I know from practice that I find it challenging to do this type of work from home.  So I decided it was best to just accept that for now and do something else instead.  Now I’m planning to go back to that task on Monday when I can re-vist the cafe and I have been able to complete all sorts of other jobs.  Each time I finish one I check in and ask myself if I can concentrate on the writing project.  Maybe next time I’ll say yes and will pick up my notes again but if not it’s tabled for Monday.

So I’ve rolled with the changes.  Worked with what was out of my control and instead of railling against it I’ve managed to make it work for me.  It’s not always the easiest of things to do but if you give it a try it’s very rewarding when it works.

Anyone else singing this now?

REO Speedwagon – Roll with the Changes

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