Repeat and Relax

Productivity Tip

For some time now I have started each day writing down three things that I want to happen. Mostly things I need to make happen. What I have noticed is that if I write them down and then just get on with my day then over time a desire builds to get on and take action. This means that instead of setting something as a task on a to-do list I just write it out each day until the compulsion builds to complete the task.

I still have a range of ways of making sure that I can get my tasks done, to-do lists of sorts, but for the things that I have a bit of resistance to I prefer to use this method.  My resistance could be that I find the task difficult, boring, scary or sometimes it’s that I just don’t know how to start.

The beauty of this method for me is that it keeps the task in mind but doesn’t let it take on an overwhelming importance.  It’s simply there.

I often surprise myself by how much ironing I get done after a few days of using this technique but I’m pretty sure that is all part of the process.  I suspect that while I’m ironing my subconscious is working away processing what I need to do and how I can go about it.  Then one day I simply wake up and know I’m going to make it happen.

Might be worth a try if you have a rebellious streak when it comes to lists of tasks.  


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