Modern life is busy and the demands of family and/or work can mean that you just can't find time to think about what you need.  You know, though, that if you don't find that time soon something is going to break.  It's likely to be you.

Do you find that you...

Struggle to find thinking time

Grab food on the run

Constantly put others first

Feel exhausted

Never have time to yourself

Sleep badly

Find it hard to relax

The Self-care Sunday workshop will help you to start addressing these areas in just one morning.

This workshop will be held at my home office in Bletchley near Milton Keynes.

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Life is constantly changing but sometimes it feels as if we aren't keeping pace with it.  It can feel so much more comfortable being one step ahead.  Directing the change rather than letting it happen.  Taking some time with a coach to think about the direction that you want your life to travel in can provide you with that comfort and leaves you feeling more in control rather than letting life happen to you.