Not everyone can set aside an hour for a coaching session nor can they find the space and privacy to talk freely.  Flexi Coaching combines the use of online systems with video conferencing to create a bespoke package to meet the needs of those who are struggling to use traditional coaching methods.

What you can expect from flexi coaching

Bespoke coaching package

Tailored to meet your communication needs

Flexible times and communication methods

Time to think and process

Work to carry out in your own time

Regular prompts

Secure communication channels

This is a flexible approach designed to fit your needs

Coaching sessions will consist of a combination of video conferencing, voice messages, text/email and exercises for you to complete as and when you have the time and space to focus on yourself.

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Find out more about coaching and discover tools and useful tips from my chat articles.  Here I share tools that you can use on your own and my thoughts around topics that arise in the coaching room.  I also share further information in my Chat Newsletter which is published roughly every six weeks.