Permaculture 29/10/19

Hmmm so how many of you reading this are thinking ‘what on earth is permaculture?’ I thought that when it was first mentioned to me. So I made a mental note to Google it later. I’m so glad that I did as it has opened up a whole new world for me. I am now learning more about it and am making changes to my life in line with the ethics.


The ethics that permaculture is based on are:
Earth care, People care, Future care.

My simplistic way of describing permaculture is ‘living in a way were we minimise our negative impact on the planet (preferably to the point where our impact is positive). We also contribute back to both the planet and our community.

As a result of my interest I have just been on the ‘Design Your Ethical Livelihood’ course run by Learn Permaculture, at Ourganics in Dorset. During the two days of the course I benefited from the knowledge and generosity of Aranya and Pat. My fellow attendees also were far more experienced in the field than me and have great aims for creating change both in their own lives and for others. We all shared the belief that we all need to change if we are to protect the planet and continue to live a healthy and positive life.

The off grid venue for the course was a revelation to me. There was no connection to water or power systems. All the water on site comes from the stream or is collected as rain water. Energy is produced on site through solar power. It was amazing to feel how easy and relaxed that made the weekend and scary how easy it was to fall back into old patterns on the return home.

Step by Step Change

The biggest learning for me from this weekend is that there is so much that we CAN do to change the way that we live. Looking to change to the same way of living that Pat has is completely overwhelming to me. I know that I’m not brave enough to take such a huge step. As with many things though, when you break it all down there are steps that are accessible to all of us.

Tiny step no. 1 for me on my return home was to make sure that as much of the food as possible that went into my basket at the shop was produced in the UK. Buying local has so many benefits.

What tiny step could you take today?

About Clare Wildman

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