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Before you set your New Year Resolution

Find out about each of the following four topics and how they may better serve you in creating your year ahead:

  • Dreams
  • Intentions
  • Goals
  • Resolutions

Each email will include an activity sheet to help you put your learning into practice and made it relevant to your future.

The facebook group will provide a space to share and get support.

I’ll host an online Q&A session giving you the chance to delve deeper and share more (if you want to!)

Both the facebook group and the online session will be hosted by me personally (no associates or apprentices, you are signing up to work with me and I will be there for you)

Signup in 2018 and £5 of the £15 will be donated to Dobbies Charity of the Year: The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Please make sure you click on return to merchant to join the mailing list after making payment

Remember!  The program commences on 4th January so make sure you have signed up before then.  Don’t make a resolution in January this year, be different!