New Year Plans, not just yet

New Year Plans.  Now?!

Now here’s an idea….

At this time of year everyone always seems to consider the year done and dusted. There are questions about what has been achieved, what was the best xxx in 2015 and then what are your goals and plans for 2016.

 December has 31 days
Anyone who has known me for a while will know that this drives me nuts as there’s actually quite a large proportion of the year left to run.  Why wish it away and waste it?

Today it struck me that actually the Christmas to New Year period is a really good time to have off between goals and projects. Why not take a proper break this year and resist setting 2016 goals until January has actually arrived. That doesn’t mean that you can’t think about them but do it in a nice relaxed way, flick through some magazines for inspiration, chat to friends and family, day dream.  Maybe create a vision board.  You could even have fun with the family putting one together that you have all contributed to.

New Year Plans are for the new year
Then when 2016 actually arrives you’ll be ready to firm up your plans and take action. You’ll know what you want the future to look like and you’ll be rested, refreshed and ready to make it happen.

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