New Year Inspiration

I’ve just spent a morning reading a lovely book I was given for Christmas (thanks Jude!).  It was a story of correspondence between a lady in New York and the head buyer of a book store in London.  There were many points of the book that triggered thoughts for me.  At a time when many are setting New Year Resolutions (and some have already broken them) thanks to this book I am considering working with ‘inspirations’ this year.

Charing Cross Road

This book has reminded me how much I like writing and receiving letters. When I have finished writing this blog entry I’m going to go upstairs and dig out the collection of letters I received from my friend Denise when she spent a year in Berlin.

So to my inspiration.  I feel inspired to write real letters again this year.  Don’t get me wrong I love the ease with which I can communicate with others using the wonderful IT we now have available.  Email, Skype, instant messaging and facebook all make it so much easier to stay in touch with friends and family but there is something rather special about putting pen to paper, that trip to the post box and then the wait for a reply.  I’m assuming here that the recipient of my letters may reply and I’m certainly hoping that they might but either way I enjoy writing letters and I’m going to reconnect with that pleasure again.

Will you be joining me in putting pen to paper this year or are you inspired to do something else this year?


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