What Gets Measured Gets Done

“What gets measured, gets done “

I’ve come across this phrase several times recently and I’m experiencing it’s truth for myself. In my bid to keep ontrack with my healthcare habits I have been experimenting with different tracking methods and have been seen the benefits of measuring first hand.

We’ve all come across different systems and all know of people who rave about the methods they use (I’m going to try not to become one of those people here). I think it essential to find the method(s) that work best for you. I’ve said that there maybe more than one method as it is possible that that may be what you need.

All the moment I’m working with four different methods but I expect that to drop back down at some point as I continue my experimenting. Currently I use a gratitude journal, two apps and a bullet journal.

Watch this space as I’ve a feeling that this may well lead to another workshop that you might find both useful and fun.

In the meantime if you’d like some insight into how ‘what gets measured gets done’ can help you create and embed new habits you can see how I’ve been getting on with my habit creation here.

About Clare Wildman

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