Christmas probably won’t be the same for you this year.  Whatever happens with lockdown and the safety rules the first step we all need to take is to decide that it’s going to be great whatever situation we find ourselves in.  Once you’ve made that key decision the rest is relatively easy.  It’s time to make the decision that different can be good.

Starting Point

What does Christmas mean to you?  For some it may be the whole Christian experience with church services etc, for others it’s about  the people that you most care about.  
What is it that you love about Christmas?  Decorations, cards, presents, food, time off.  
What don’t you love quite so much?  The pressure of finding the perfect gift, cooking that perfect Christmas dinner…..
Who is part of your Christmas experience?  Friends, family, children, your local community

This is a great chance to ditch the things that you find tough or don’t like but if they are important to someone else in your life then maybe you can find a compromise by making some changes.  This is going to be the hardest part, making it work for everyone.  For me this is the really special bit about Christmas, helping everyone enjoy it their way.

Here’s a few ideas for you:

Can’t get together with the friends you’d normally have a meal out with?  Obviously we’ve all got used to using Zoom more but what other options are there?  If you’re sending cards maybe you could include a letter or a collage of photos summing up your year so far?  What else can you think of?  Send them a foodie hamper and then arrange a Zoom call so you can eat ‘together’.

Make Christmas Different

make Christmas different
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I love lots and lots of options, the more and the wackier the better.  We do a Christmas picnic in the conservatory.  Mike and I raid the fridge and the cupboards for all sorts of deli type foods and fill the table with lots of choice and help ourselves.  It’s just the two of us on the day and neither of us has to stress and worry about cooking.

If you want to Make Christmas Different this year and would like to share some ideas I have created a facebook group on my page to do just that. Why not join us and see what ideas others have come up with that will make your Christmas different in a way that you can enjoy.

About Clare Wildman

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