Choice Overwhelm

Choice overwhelmWhen it comes to deciding what you are going to work towards in the future it can be more tricky than it might originally seem.  At first it seems simple, you just decide what you want and then go about making it happen.  If you are anything like me though when you start looking at what you want there’s a whole range of things you’d quite like but there are so many that have the same priority for you.  So where do you start? Can you have it all?  If so can you work on it all at once?  Looking at your list you may be able to answer that question immediately with a NO.  This is the point where choice overwhelm kicks in and the sheer range of what you’d like to accomplish stops you from taking action.

Anyone who has been to me for coaching will know that I recommend a maximum of 3 new/big projects at any one time.  However great you are at juggling different projects I have found that this is the most you can handle and make real progress while not swamping yourself completely.  I’ve worked this out myself through trial and error (plenty of the latter) and I’m very good at juggling.  In one of my employment roles I had about seven different hats to juggle and I maintained that for years.

So what does this mean for you?

Well rather than getting overwhelmed by that list just pick a couple, or even just one, thing that you want to achieve and make a start.  Action is always inspiring and achievement even more so.  Just get going on something.


Whatever happens when the overwhelm kicks in:

  • Stop
  • Take stock
  • Take an action
  • Don’t worry about the rest


About Clare Wildman

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