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Mid Life Crisis or Just Getting on with It

You’ve reached a certain age and you’ve just got a sports car or a motorbike.  All of a sudden friends and family start teasing you about your mid-life crisis…what is that all about?! In fact what is likely to have happened is that you are simply able to afford it now.  Alternatively of course you…

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What will coaching do for me?

It’s a question that has come up often in the years since I began my coaching practice.  It’s one that can’t be answered simply.  A good coach will tailor the session to meet your needs at the time you meet with them. I’m writing this after having a session with my coach.  What did I…

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Rolling with the changes

It’s so easy to decide that you are going to work on a project or a goal.  At the start motivation is high and you feel strong and determined.  What happens when you hit a hitch though? This is where you really prove your mettle or where you may need some help. I set off…

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New Year Inspiration

I’ve just spent a morning reading a lovely book I was given for Christmas (thanks Jude!).  It was a story of correspondence between a lady in New York and the head buyer of a book store in London.  There were many points of the book that triggered thoughts for me.  At a time when many…

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