The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

My experience of reading this book was a strange one.

It had been sitting on the shelf for ages before I picked it up as Mike had read it a long time ago.  He told me that I’d find it interesting but for some reason it was one that I always over looked.  Then as I started to think I really must read it sometime one of the ladies I worked with told me about it and pointed out that it was a written as a novel.  All of a sudden I was ready to read it.

At the same time I changed jobs and ended up working in an environment that really didn’t suit me.  The office was open plan, dark and noisy.  I wasn’t very happy.  Yet every day I left work at lunchtime and settled down in a cafe round the corner to read and returned with a completely different frame of mind that got me through the afternoon in my own little bubble.

To this day I can’t explain it.  All I say now is that this is a book that had a huge impact on me and, when you are ready to read it, maybe it will for you too.


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