A sense of achievement

What can you do to give yourself a sense of achievement today?

Mike and I have just come back from a weekend helping my mum with chores around the house and garden.  We drove home last night smelling of bonfire, covered in dust and a little bit tired, but feeling a huge sense of achievement.

This morning it struck me that without having mum to help I would probably have frittered away lot of time over the weekend.  I’d have watched quite a lot of tv, spent time on facebook and ended the weekend with a niggling sense of dissatisfaction.  Instead we completed a list of jobs


We also still had time to watch the recording of the F1 race from the weekend!

So this morning I carried my quest for achievement forward into my working day.  This is the second week running now that I’ve walked ‘to work’ and it feels good that I’ve kept my promise to myself.  Not only that but I’ve managed over 4,000 steps and half an hour of fresh air with sunshine and still have the return journey to look forward to.  After I’ve done some research and writing and finished my coffee of course.

So my challenge to you is:

“What can you do, for you, to give yourself a feeling of achievement today?”




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