Quick update – 26/10/19

I’ve been quiet recently as I’ve been on a journey of learning and there’s so much to take in that my little brain is hurting. That makes putting sentences together a little tricky (or at least to create something that makes a modicum of sense!)

I’m back to being able to write again as I’ve taken a few days off after attending a Permaculture course in Dorset. The break has helped me to reset and just to be sure I also allowed myself to sleep all this morning. I now feel so much better and it has reminded me of an old pattern that used to work well for me… the occassional ‘sleeping the clock round’. It’s fitting in well with my learning as the other week I was listening to a Mindvalley podcast on sleep with Dr Michael Breus If you’ve been following these posts for a while you’ll know that sleep is the ‘s’ in my health ‘ Self’ for the year. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about you can follow this link to find out more.

Having had this rest I now have so many things that I’m planning to share with you but I’m going to try to pace myself as little and often is far better than creating overwhelm( both for you and me).

So today I just want to give you a little heads up of the thing’s to come over the next week or so:
– Permaculture
– Ethical Livelihoods
– My changes for the environment

About Clare Wildman

YES! I’ve found my purpose in life and it’s to help others to change their life. At some level I’d always known that, I just didn’t know how. Guess how I found out? That’s right I went to a Life Coach and found that coaching was the answer to my own life change and that of others.