Monday 19th August

Well I’m back! A weeks holiday camping in the Peak District has meant not a lot of access to the internet so I’ve taken a proper break. Well it wasn’t quite a full week as rain rather spoilt the fun and when the tent developed a leak or two we decided to come home a little early but that is digressing. We have managed lots of sleep and reading we caught up with some friends and family but not as many as we’d originally planned to see. Overall I’m feeling quite rested.

Returning to work this week feels quite strange as it’s a day with a few non work related appointments that are spread through the day and Mike is still home so I won’t be throwing myself back into things 100% just yet.
While we were away I’d scheduled my Chat Letter to send and one of the topics covered was reviewing the year. As I read my SELF sheet this morning as part of my regular routine I realised it would be a good idea for me to review the progress I’d made since writing it.

For those who don’t know I normally set a word for the year, a word that encapsulates what I want the year to bring, a focus for my thoughts and actions. This year the word was SELF and I felt moved to break that down into more detail. That resulted in eight-headings: health, development, business, financial, family /friends, lifestyle, relationships and spiritual. Because I enjoy wordplay that then led to this:

So let’s start the review one heading at a time…


Sleep – this really is a work in progress. I’ve identified that my sleep pattern is erratic, to say the least, and my Fitbit shows me that it is often very restless with over 30 mins restless or awake each night. My main focus is on getting better quality sleep so that I awake refreshed and ready to go. I already make sure that I don’t drink caffiene in the afternoon/ evening but now I need to look at what else I can do.
Action Plan – tire both my brain and my body more, have a more regular bed time and waking time, have a night time relaxation routine.

Exercise – this is still based around being gentle with my body as it’s out of practice and getting older. I’ve been doing fairly well at walking more but I still need to be more active. Part of my plans for this depend on our move as I plan to be doing more gardening, a great way to keep fit and to tire me out to help with my sleep plans. Regular hoovering and cleaning for viewings is helping here!
Action Plan – increase the walking, add the evening walks with Mike 2-3 times a week. Look at finding a yoga and/ or pilates routine to do.

Learning – I’m certainly doing lots of learning about health at the moment and this is the place where my attention has naturally led. Both Mike and I are watching more documentaries and I have lots of reading that I want to do in this area.
Action Plan– keep watching, reading and enjoying.

Fresh food – our learning is really helping with this and we both want to eat more fresh and gradually move to a higher percentage of organic and less processed food.
Action Plan – keep up the good work. Look to increase the percentage of fresh food in each shop. Find alternatives to sandwiches for lunch on the move.

Overall not a bad start. It will be interesting to see what my review of Development brings

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