There’s been a break in my writing because we’ve been on holiday. I did think that I’d still be able to post while we were away but it tums out that the wifi at the campsite wasn’t very reliable. (Yes we were camping, in a tent and everything!)


Being on holiday didn’t mean a lack of progress though, far from it in fact. While away we continued our property search and our house went on the market. We’ve now found the place that we want to move to so all that remains is to sell our house before someone else snaps up the one we like! Oh and then go through all the usual rigamarole of surveys, solicitors, packing etc. Still it feels like we’ve made massive progress and we’ve now reached the exciting /scary phase.

In amongst the viewings we also got lots of fresh air, sleep and the chance to discuss possibilities for the future. Moving gives me the chance to revisit my work. I can look to continue with the coaching, I can change it to online based work or I can change direction or add other streams of income. There are almost too many possibilities so I’ll definitely need to bring my coaching skills into play over the next couple of weeks.

The first step has to be research. Though we’ve been looking at this area for a long time in terms of where to live it’s now time to research the income generating opportunities. Thank goodness for the power of the internet!
While I’m doing this I’ll also be making a list of all the options that I have in mind. There are plenty! Ideas is something that I’m not short of but I also need to think about which will actually work and bring some practicality to my thinking. When I’ve mapped all this out I’ll share it here along with the decision making criteria.

Fun and Rest

In the meantime its good to reflect back on the holiday. We had booked our stay in Woodhall Spa without realising that it was the annual 40 ‘s weekend. This meant that it was really busy and there was a real buzz about the place. No visit to Woodhall Spa is complete without a trip to the Kinema in the Woods, the Saturday show in particular. In the intermission a stage rises in front of the screen and an organist appears to provide additional entertainment. As it was the 40’s weekend the film was The Dambusters and the interval music included a sing along. It was fascinating watching the organist play, that takes some real skill. I hope that this tradition can be maintained for many years to come as it really is quite special.

Organist at Kinema in the Woods, Woodhall Spa

A walk from our campsite one evening to look at the wild flower meadow nextdoor led us to an area of special scientific interest and some lovely wild orchids. I couldn’t believe how many there were, it was a truly special sight and one I will remember for a long time.

Exploring near the campsite in Woodhall Spa

What a great reminder to take some time out to explore and look around!

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